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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Last Saturday's Golf Clinic/The Driver

Last Saturday, at the Jamie Smith Golf Clinic, the Driver Lesson brought out over 35 people and 3 PGA Professionals for the class. It turned out to be great weather, and a lot of information and direction for an hour and half lesson for 15.00 dollars, that includes range balls.

Jamie Smith address the crowd, and preps them for the Big Dog lesson.

Jamie working one on one with a member of the group, Jamie keeps it light, while giving instruction, keeping everyone feeling relaxed and involved.

Jamie working on the take away and swing plane with a group member.

Working on set up and posture is an important part of any golf lesson, Jamie stresses this in his lesson before the balls start flying.

Jamie talking about ball flight to the record crowd of over 35 people.

Every session is full of question and answer periods, Jamie wants to make sure every has a firm grasp of the concepts before moving on.

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