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Friday, April 15, 2011

Saturday Group Lesson with PGA Professional Rick Bidnick

Hello all, looks like we might have some weather this saturday after 12 noon. I thought we would keep the same schedule for the early class...1030 to 12 noon. The afternoon session will be held Sunday from 11:15-12:45. Please email me and let me know which session you plan on attending, feel free to come to both if your schedule permits.

The cost is $15.

This week we will continue with the iron game, with a extra focus on the divot, where the divot should point, how to read your divots and how to create a divot by hitting down on the ball. We will also discuss proper weight transfer and the role it plays in the golf swing. 

Sunday forecast is sunny and 71  so I hope to see many of you then,  Saturday should be fine till noon. Don't let the weather scare you away.

Thank you all, Rick Bidnick, PGA Professional

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