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Friday, June 4, 2010

You Do Have A Friend in Myrtle Beach, Brian Noblin

You have a friend in Myrtle Beach

Recently, a friend asked, “Are packaged golf rounds down?” He had heard that more and more visiting golfers were making their own tee times. The question might be irrelevant. Golfers are still playing golf on area courses and staying in Myrtle Beach area accommodations. However, there’s more to it than that.

To me if you have access to expertise that fits the job, it would be wise to use that tool. The golf directors at the major hotel/condo groups have the local knowledge, experience and expertise to assure your vacation is a success.

Consider the following. Everyday your golf director is talking to golf courses and golfers throughout the Myrtle Beach area. They have their finger on the pulse of area golf. Which courses are scheduling routine maintenance and service? What’s the drive time to the courses chosen? How much time should be allowed for breakfast? What are the courses replay policy? You have the questions. Your golf director has the answer.

Remember too that your golf director is probably getting a better price at a golf course than what you’re seeing advertised. He deals with the courses year around and sends substantial business their way. Of course he’s getting their best price and passing it on to you. Remember the golf director is not marking-up the cost of golf. He’s being paid by the hotel/condo for selling rooms, not tee times and breakfasts.

You’re certainly welcome to book your room and start calling courses for the best tee times available. Do remember though that Myrtle Beach golf success was built on the incredible cooperation and networking between accommodations and golf courses. This partnership has made the Myrtle Beach area the No. 1 golf destination in the world. In the center of this great destination is your golf director. Put him to work for you, today.

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