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Friday, June 11, 2010

Ocean Ridge's Golf Operations Manager Interview

Name and Position and what does it entail:

Roxanne Shearon
Golf Operations & Retail Manager 
Ocean Ridge Plantation & Golf

What new and exciting has been going on at the Ocean Ridge Plantation Courses? We are currently renovating Panther’s Run, one of our most popular Big Cats! The renovation will include new Mini-Verde greens surfaces, reshaping, some general added aesthetics, tree movement and placement, as well as general maintenance. We are very excited for the re-opening of Panther’s Run, 9/1/2010. The course will have a new and different feel and should be even more enjoyable than remembered!

I am sure the question on a lot of people’s minds, what’s going on with Jaguar’s Lair? Jaguar’s Lair is still in the works and will be an ongoing project. Nine holes are completed and being maintained with the exception of the greens surfaces. We are currently concentrating on completing the development side of the project before moving forward with the golf course. We have not released an opening date at this time.
What is your best round on your course? We are not going to publish that! I am not a Professional Golfer by any means so we are just going to leave that question alone.  Best round ever?

How many years have you been in the golf business? 18 Years and love it!

Where are you originally from? Indiana

What makes your courses stand out compared to the other courses in the Myrtle Beach Area? We offer four 18 hole courses in one facility, each with their own unique layout. Each Big Cat is challenging, aesthetically beautiful and always in great shape. We offer premium golf courses at an affordable price. We also appreciate our patrons which continues to bring them back year after year! 

Describe your signature holes, and how to play them?
Lion’s Paw #3
Tiger’s Eye #11
Leopard’s Chase #13

Have you played competitively? No.

What do you see for the Myrtle Beach Golf Industry in the future? I see some downsizing of some of the smaller properties but overall success for the industry as a whole. The most important thing is that we all work together very well in this market to keep the industry thriving. From real estate, to the package providers, to the golf courses and even the restaurants in this area; it is our main focus to bring patrons to Myrtle Beach and keep them returning! 

What tip can you give the weekend duffer who wants to improve and enjoy golf? Get some lessons and be ready to commit to playing on a regular basis.

Tell us about your golf lessons, rates, times, and an overview of your style of teaching: We have several Teaching Professional on property and you may call for rates at 1-800-233-1801.
What course improvements have you undergone in the past year, or what improvements are you considering? Panther’s Run Renovation.

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