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Friday, June 18, 2010

Sports Tradition and It's Highest Awards

 Sports has a rich history, and a very storied past. There is the Ice Bowl in Football, the Miracle of Ice, with the US Hockey team beating the unbeatable (then) U.S.S.R.. Tiger Wood's run at the Golden Bear's Major record, the Steeler's winning 6 Super Bowls and some of the greatest Soccer the world has seen in the 2010 World Cup.

 Lets talk about tradition in certain sports. Golf has the Master's and the Green Jacket. Golf's greatest venue and it's greatest match. The thing of dreams, every golfer's goal.

 The Pittsburgh Steeler own 6 Super Bowl Trophies, on the back on the great team that every played the game, the 70's Steelers, and Big Ben's 2 Title. The Vince Lombadi Trophy symbolizes greatness, in America's greatest sport.

 The Stanley Cup, Hockey's greatest trophy, it's tradition, it's names, enscribed every year on the cup. Some of the greatest teams in Hockey's history on this piece of sacred metal. Old names, new names, hall of famers have all held the cup, some have even drank from it!!

 The World Series of Baseball, America's Sport, the Yankee's, The Red Sox, the Pirates, the Giants and all those great game sevens. Nothing packs people in like our National Pasttime, or as Red, White and Blue as Baseball. The Trophey, everyone wants to hold as a kid dreaming on the fields in the dog days of summer!

 Now we have another Trophy, and another Tradition that will go down into history as one of the most sought after awards ever. Once in a life time is like this started, something that people will look back in a 100 years, and say my Grandfather was there for the first KOMB Tournament. I dare say, the ultimate reward will be drinking, as a victor, from the cup itself sitting atop the thick maple wood. The glittering gold figures adoring the trophy, representing all that it takes to win this award.

 America, I give you Golf's 5th Major, the Myrtle Beach Tournament, know as "The King of Myrtle Beach" and the awe inspiring Trophy that comes with winning it.

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