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Monday, December 28, 2009

Myrtle Beach 2010 Courses Set!!

This year's Myrtle Beach 2010 Golf Trip will take place Wednesday June 23rd (leaving that night) and coming home Sunday June 27th (an optional round Sunday morning at Farmstead)

We are playing the Big Cats Packages, which feature two top end courses in Tiger's Eye and Leopards Chase!!

1. The Big Cats: Lion’s Paw, Panther’s Run, Tiger’s Eye and Leopard’s Chase: 294.00 per person.
(All 4 Cat courses, very very close to each other, Tiger’s Eye and Leopard’s Chase are top notch)

Just a short list of information for all those going on the trip to Myrtle Beach, or considering it.

Condo Deposit: I need 25.00 per person by January 15th, and another 25.00 by February 19th. Then the Balance of the condo rate will be due June 1st ( 50.00 per person) for a total of 100.00 a person.

The golf deposit of 100.00 is due by March 19th, with the balance being due by June 1st also.

You are more than welcome to make all checks out to me, and I will make sure as usual this all gets paid and done.

28 people is the cut off for this trip, it's works out perfect for us Condo wise and golf. So please contact me, or another VB Golf Crew member for more information.

A last minute surprise is that local PGA Golf Pro, and friend of mine, Jamie Smith will be going on the trip with us. It will be a great chance to meet him, maybe take a pointer or two away from the trip, try to drink him under the table, and stick him in the "Hot Shot" group with Bob, Steve and Kevin, and see if he can play for doe!

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