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Monday, December 21, 2009

Latest Trend in Myrtle Beach Golf?

First the story:

Arrowhead Country Club, centrally located on Hwy 501 in Myrtle Beach has announced it is offering a pre booked replay for their golf package groups. The golf course designed by Arnold Palmer has undergone extensive renovations, including brand new mini verde Bermuda greens. This should ensure great playing conditions year round.

For groups that are interested in playing more than 18 holes per day, this is an ideal location to do it. Prebooked replays are available for those that play the golf course in the morning, for as little as $30 per person inclusive of carts and taxes. This has to be one of the best values in Myrtle Beach Golf. A tremendous opportunity to give customers the option to play all 3 nines and the some.

This seems to be a growing trend in Myrtle Beach, before the high season even begins. Golf courses and groups of Courses advertising pre-booked replays, some as little as FREE . The Glens Groups has free afternoon pre-booked replays on the the Glens course you booked in the morning. Play 3 morning rounds, get 3 free afternoon rounds.

The courses are going to great trouble to make sure the tee sheets are filled for 2010. This is a blessing for the players, with rates already 5-10% lower than last year.

The only down side I can find for 2010 is the small increase in condo prices on Golf Course Condos, the usual lowest price for a package. Seems to be about 4-7% across the board.

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