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Monday, June 25, 2012

DIVOT Deal Of The Day

Monday, June 25, 2012

Cobra Rail-F Fairway Wood

Rails = Power

For those of you unfamiliar with the inner workings of urban mass transit trains, you might not know about the third rail.
And that's not really a good thing to be ignorant of.
Because when a deranged person sneaks up behind you and pushes you onto the tracks because he's been following your iPhone, which he is fairly certain contains the disembodied spirit of Henry Kissinger, who he is now certain has been funneling intelligence about humanity to the robot race of decepticon-like insect overlords—because when that happens, you really ought to avoid falling onto the third rail, if at all possible, and you should certainly avoid touching it after you brush yourself off and try to get back onto the platform.
That's because the third rail (the first two rails being the tracks along which the train runs) is the electrified power source for the entire train. It's the third rail that allows subways not to be powered by behemoth, coal-burning, old-timey train engines. That's how much power runs through the third rail.
That's kind of like the Cobra Baffler Rail-F. Except the Baffler Rail-F has a four rail system. Take THAT, third rail! The four-rail system on the Baffler Rail-F provides better interaction with turf, allowing for easier shots, regardless of the lie.
So while the Baffler Rail-F may not be literally electrified like the third rail is (legal asked that I reiterate that point: the Rail-F is not an electric golf club), it may lead to you hitting more electric shots on the fairway.
And that, in turn, may lead to you breaking out into your own personal "Electric Slide" in the middle of the course.

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