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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

60.00 Nike Adjustable Driver..WOW

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Nike SQ MachSpeed Black STR8-FIT Driver

Further Adventures in Time and Space


  • Aerodynamic engineering to produce less drag and more clubhead speed and distance
  • Tapered heel geometry
  • Aerodynamic PowerBow design
  • 8 different face angle options (2 degrees closed to 2 degrees open)
  • Wrench included
At some point, Divotman posted a story about traveling through space at the speed of light involving trash can lids, Stephen Hawking's sketchy math, Reverse Vampires, and the original Nike MachSpeed driver.
Our theories have proven to be accurate and achievable, however, after our test runs, the investors have become a bit skittish. The only glitch seems to be the vast number of Black Holes in space, which have already claimed a half dozen of our trash can lids.
But now, with the Nike MachSpeed Black, we have piggy-backed on Nike's shoulders and have found a way to ensure faster-than-light travels to the far reaches of the galaxy. Guess who's fault it was this time (again)? Hawking--Integrating over x instead of integrating over y. Sometimes the word "genius" is thrown out there just a bit too willy-nilly for my liking.
In conclusion, traveling past the speed of light--check. Nike SQ MachSpeed Black being faster and longer--check. Mathematical genius--maybe not.

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