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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bow Creek Group Golf Lessons With Rick Bidnick

New workshop this weekend - Week one

Saturday   May 7 1030-12 noon and 1230-2pm

Sunday     May 8  1100-1230 (notice time change)

Topic-----Putting. The most important part of the game of golf. Statistics show that approximately five percent of golf lessons are given in the area of putting. It is believed that when the game was first created, putting was considered more luck than anything. In those days there were no nice greens, there was a hole cut in a shortly mowed area, the rules stated that once you holed out on a hole, you were allowed one club length from the hole to tee up for the next hole. Obviously this was not good for the putting surface as it made putting very difficult. Therefore, it is thought that it was handed down from generation to generation that putting was more luck than skill. These days we know differently but golfers continue to work on hitting range balls much more  than the art of putting.

 So... If you ever go to the golf course look how many people are hitting balls on the range and how many people are practicing putting. Most golfers will never be the longest hitter or the best ball striker, but anyone can be the best putter. Therefore, if you really want to improve your score, practice with the putter.
Good putting is accomplished by hitting the golf ball with the right speed and the correct line, speed being the most critical. 

During the class this weekend I will show you 8 drills that can help improve your putting. We will work on certain techniques that can improve your distance control and we will discuss the art of striking a putt solidly. Hope to see many of you this weekend, the weather again looks great.

As usual PLEASE email me and tell me if you plan to attend, and if so what class you plan to attend.

Cost $10 per person
Also: The cost for the entire class is $90, payable May 7-8. No refunds or make up classes. Playing lesson is not included.

Workshop Schedule      

May 7-8          Putting        $10

May 14-15     Chipping       $10

May 21-22     Pitching         $15

May 28-29     Golf swing- from address to halfway back on take-away(hip high)  $15

June 4-5        Golf swing- hip high to top of back swing   $15

June 11-12   Golf swing- first half of downswing   $15

June  18-19   Golf  swing- impact position and finish   $15

June  25-26   Complete golf swing  $15

Playing lessons  June 27-28 (more info to follow)

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