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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Myrtle Beach 2010 Trip is Only 57 Days Away

 Afternoon folks, thought I would talk a little about the golf trip, since we are getting very close to the date! We are staying in the Condos at the Glens, in North Myrtle Beach, no more than 10 minutes from every course we are playing, and they have 2 courses on site if we want to sneak in 9 or another 18.

 We are leaving Wednesday Night after everyone gets home from work, tucks the kids in, etc. I am shooting for a 7:30 leave time, but if we as a group can leave earlier, thats great.

Condos are three bedroom units:

Unit 1:




Unit 2

John Clem


Mike Poole

We are playing Sea Trails Maples at Thursday at 1:53-2:08

Friday we play 9:10-9:30 Tiger's Eye. Please note this the round we are judging "The Worst Dressed Golfer" for the "King of Myrtle Beach" trophy.

Saturday we start at Leopard's Chase at 8:40-9:00am

We stay in the cart and go to:

Lion's Paw 2:10-2:30

I am working on the driving arrangements now and will have it done asap.

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