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Monday, April 5, 2010

From Tee to Green with Jamie Smith, PGA Pro

 Good morning all, allow me to talk a few minutes about local PGA Pro Jamie Smith's from Tee to Green Group Lesson Series.
  10am Bow Creek is the meeting place for this series of group lessons, and at 10.00 a person, maybe the best lesson value to be had currently in the area. Jamie leads this with instruction, hands on advice, his own brand of relax help and his pattened "I'm Short" humor. Never had I taken a lesson that I felt 100% relaxed, and get so much help in a short period of time.
  This past Saturday saw myself and VB Crew Member  John "Chef" Hadzima show up for the lesson. The place was packed because of the weather, holiday weekend and the fact it was the last lesson, the Diver and 3 Wood.
  This lesson was packed with information, and instant feedback to everyone's swing. Heron Ridge's Pro was there also handing out his wisdom on the range.
  Personally, for Chef and I, we found our swing planes to be on target, and we both had our grips adjusted. We hit some the best drives I have seen either of us hit in a long time. I would call the money we spent to be 100% worth it.

  The series starts over this Saturday with Putting and Chipping, and these lesson can be done in any order, and are independant of each other, and fit together to make a great series of learning aids. Each lesson can done several times, until you are 100% satisfied with the lesson and have it done, which for most of us, is never.

  Another great idea, is for 2-4 of us, to have some private group lesson's from Jamie, especially before our Myrtle Trip. Jamie will be going, offering advice and relaxing with us. Bob and Kevin look out, you have some compitition on the trip!