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Thursday, June 16, 2011

How To Drink While Playing Golf

How to Golf While Drinking

While golf is traditionally a sober sport enjoyed by the wealthy and business elite, you can take your next game to the another level with a few drinks. Drinking while golfing may come naturally to some, but a few tricks that will help to keep you and your friends safe and out of trouble couldn't hurt!



    • Choose a suitable golf course. If drinking while golfing, it is best to choose a 9-hole course instead of 18, or you may not be able to walk off the course when the game is over. Try to find a golf course without a lot of people, as you may get a bit rowdy, play slowly and dangerously swinging your clubs and balls.
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      Select a designated driver. Not only will you need a safe ride home, it is also illegal to drive a golf cart while drinking. Unless you want to carry your clubs for 9 holes and take a taxi home, a nice, sober friend is your best bet. Your designated driver can also help to keep you safe and cut the game short if things get out of hand.
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      Decide what you would like to drink during your golf game and stash the bottles, cans, cups and other necessary supplies in the bottom of your golf bags. While it is not technically illegal to drink on the course, most managers will look down on it heavily and ask you to leave before your game begins if you are too obvious when entering the clubhouse.
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      Manage your drinks with each hole. You may even ask your designated golf cart driver to be your official bartender, to speed things up a bit. Depending on the strength of your chosen liquor, you should probably keep it down to one or two drinks for each hole.
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      Take care when drinking and golfing, as you are carrying potentially lethal weapons. Make sure that all of your buddies are out of the line of your swing and out of the way of your ball when it is your turn.

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