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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tips From The Myrtle Beach Pros

Myrtle Beach Golf Tips and Instruction

Welcome to the Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday Golf Instruction page. Here you'll find video and text golf tips from Myrtle Beach golf professionals around the Grand Strand.

Within the Golf Holiday program, 6 golf academies are offered: The Chuck Wike Golf School located at the Tradition Club in Pawleys Island, The Classic Swing Golf School at Legends Golf Resort, The Grande Dunes Golf Academy at the prominent Grande Dunes Golf Course, The Nick Bradley Golf School at Barefoot Resort and Golf, the Steve Dresser Golf Academy now located at the prestigious True Blue and Caledonia golf courses on the southern end of the grand strand and finally, Champions Golf Academy at Long Bay Golf Club.

These golf academies offer some of the nation’s top golf instructors as well as some of the country’s best instruction available. Whether you are just picking up the game or have been playing for years, these golf schools can all customize a lesson plan aimed at improving your game and maximizing the benefits to your game.

Other Professional Tips

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A Weighty Issue Weight

Weight distribution in the setup can have a huge influence on the outcome of your shots. In this case, with a driver, I've put most of my upper body weight on my right side or "behind" the ball. Now I can easily make a full backswing turn and create a wider arc which will help me to approach the ball from a shallow angle which is ideal when the ball is on a tee. Notice my left shoulder is farther from the target than my left hip.   Don't be afraid to exaggerate the sensation of setting up more on your right side when hitting tee shots. Your body needs to turn back there anyway, so if we give ourselves a bit of a head start, it only makes the job easier.
School: Grande Dunes Golf Academy

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