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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hireko Golf's Acer's XK Ti-Ceptional Irons (Customize Them)

XK Ti-Ceptional Irons

Titanium Face.
Exceptional Results

ticeptional_iron_lowres_cavIf you have been paying attention lately, you might have noticed that our popular Acer XK irons were voted “Best Value” by Golf Digest in the 2009 Hot List.  Instead of resting on our laurels we decided to take a little walk on the wild side and try to improve upon it.

 But the big question was how?

In order to enhance what was already an easy-to-hit design, we decided the club head should go on a diet to shed some unwanted weight. We started where it was needed
Acer XK Ti-Ceptional Component Clubhead Price $19.95
least and that was ultimately the face area.

Most iron heads are made of a single material throughout, whether it is some grade of stainless or carbon steel. Doing so cuts down on tooling costs and ticeptional_1production problems, plus and you can still make some fine products.  Since the metal on modern irons are stretched out to the max, one way to lighten the club is making the club smaller, and we don’t want to do that!  The other option is to incorporate a secondary lighter material such as a thin, reactive titanium plate for the face. This state-of-the-art titanium face is an integral component in the new Ti-Ceptional irons.

If you don’t think there is some weight savings in the face, you would be wrong.  Simply substituting titanium where the stainless steel face resided, we shed 45% or a total of 25g of weight from the face.
ticeptional_irons_angle2_loAll this weight was then put to much better use by placing it in the toe (position A in the diagram) and in the sole (position B) to help stabilize the head more so on off-center shot.  So if you thought our standard Acer XK irons were easy to hit, just wait until you hit these!

Don’t forget the other reason why titanium is used in drivers.  Not necessarily for weight savings, but more importantly performance.  In the end our goal is to hit the ball longer and straighter with the same amount of effort.

Well if this head is so good, then why aren’t all irons made this way? The reason you don’t see more companies doing this is the much higher costs in raw materials, tooling and fabrication that is ultimately passed onto you. But remember we are Hireko, and only we can cost effectively utilize this technology for a lot less than the major manufacturers sell their standard run-of-the-mill models.

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