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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Deal Of The Week

Sunice Turnburry Full-Stretch Waterproof Jacket
68% off
Reg. $249.99
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It isn't always sunny at TurnberryPhiladelphia, maybe, but the British  The weather States-side isn't much better sometimes, but don't let that stop you from teeing it up.  The Turnburry jacket from Sunice has a waterproof rating of 20,000 mm which means that its fabric can withstand 20,000 millimeters (almost 66 feet) of rain in 24 hours before its wearer gets wet.  And unless you're playing with Ben Crane, that should be plenty of time to finish your round and still be toasty and dry.  The Turnburry also features a rain channel on the sleeve to prevent water from running to the wrist and hand.  Sort of like a shot block, only not as much fun.  Perhaps most important of all the Turnburry can help keep your balls clean.  Wait for it...Wait for it...Golf balls.  What did you think we meant?  You're gross.  See there's actually an in-pocket golf ball cleaner built into the jacket, so when your friends ask why your vigorously moving your hands in your jacket pocket you can just tell them, 'Hey, just cleaning my balls over here. Nothing worse than dirty balls, you know.'

Final Score

It might not always be sunny, but you'll always be dry in the Sunice Turnburry jacket.

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