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Thursday, July 15, 2010

GOLFSHOT GPS/ Golf GPS at the Poor Man's Price

GolfShot GPS for the IPhone is my newest golf purchase. Instead of a Golf GPS unit and spending 200-400 dollars on the unit then paying a fee yearly or for each course, I went with this highly rated IPhone App.

Golf GPS, Statistics and Scoring for the iPhone and iPod touch

You can now score your rounds, view statistics and share with friends on the world’s most-popular smartphone. View aerial images of your course and get distances to any point. Welcome to your new rangefinder!

Here is the biggest draw for the APP, it's a  ONE TIME FEE OF 29.95, no monthly, yearly or per course fee to pay! You can go right to their web site and see the course list, I haven't found a course in my area or Myrtle Beach they don't have full coverage and aerial views of the course.

You can set lay up clubs, club distances, drag on screen to places you want to hit and see the distance. Tee boxes, pin placements, score cards with all the stats included like Greens in Regulation, Fairways Hit, misses left or right, number of putts, then all converted into stats and graphs. There is nothing this thing won't do, it's actually two devices in one, a GPS and a Score Card System.

There is one negative, it eats battery life. They include a handy guide on how to maximize your battery power, but I suggest going to Best Buy, and buying their Rocket Fish Power case for the IPhone. It's a case with a built in back up battery, so there is no chance to run out of juice.

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