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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Prophet Tour Blade Iron, new for 2010

Debunking The Myth That A Blade Is Hard To Hit

A common perception among golfers is that a blade style iron is hard to hit. After all, the efforts of the late Karsten Solheim of Ping didn’t go unnoticed. He produced an iron with a deep cavity and immediately the concept of perimeter weighting was born. This was so successful that every manufacturer followed suit and to this day the vast majority of clubs are a cavity back design which make the game a little easier to for you and me to enjoy.

Today, blade style irons have a very small market share and are generally reserved only the very best ball strikers. Also, less than 30% of the PGA players rely on blades for their livelihood. But ask a player why they play blades, they will tell you that it allows them to work the ball to create different shots. Plus, on a perfectly struck shot, there is no better feeling in the world.

dyn_proph_tour_Bladev2So why would a company like Hireko take the risk of bringing a blade to the golf market? Well that is easy. The secret is that it is not truly a blade; the Dynacraft Prophet Tour Blade just looks like a blade. After all, most blades are compact from heel-to-toe, possess a thin 4-way radius sole, thin top line and reduced offset. So if we are going by the checklist, the Prophet Tour meets all those criteria.

But what separates a blade (or sometimes called a muscle-back design) from a game improvement club? The answer is weight re-distribution. Most people immediately think of game improvement clubs as models with a deep cavity in the back. But there are also a few other features of a game improvement club that golfers may not be aware of.

Propget-Tour-iron-stabilityMost blade style irons feature a long hosel which shifts the center of gravity high and toward the heel of the club. We shortened the hosel on the Prophet Tour Blade so you would be rewarded for hitting the ball where you are supposed to; low and in the middle of the face.

We also created our Stability Slot, which removes material than can be used better elsewhere. This concept is similar to how an undercut cavity works.

When you look down on the club it is going to look like a blade, but know in the Phophet-Tour-Stability-Slovback of your mind the penalty for a mis-hit is greatly reduced over a typical blade. The Dynacraft Prophet Tour iron still allows you the ability to maneuver the ball when needed and more importantly receive the immediate feedback when you strike that perfect shot. For those that want the best of both worlds, the Dynacraft Prophet Tour might just be the start of a new category as a game improvement blade proving that not all blades are hard to hit.

If you’ve always wanted to hit a blade but were a little shy because of your playing style, give the new Dynacraft Prophet Tour Blade a shot.

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