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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Updated News

Small update today, as I would like to plug and rave about a golf blog like no other:
My Golf Spy is just that, a link the very newest, earliest information about golf equipment around. They are in contact with all the companies, and every thing is official as it can be, before a company releases the information themselves.

Just a small bit of whats going on over there:

The New super secret Nike Putter the Pros are tearing up the tour with

Adams Golf getting into the Putter market

Golfer's using their Bags as advertisements

A contest to design your own Putter

The Nike SQ Dymo vs the Taylor Made R7 contest

They broke pictures of all the G15 and I15 clubs from Ping 2 months ago.

This is a great site to go visit for up to date information about golf and new items coming into the market place.

Rock Bottom Golf 320 X 250 Ad - General

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