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Friday, October 15, 2010

Improve Your Myrtle beach trip Planning, Thanks To Chris King

Hot List: 5 Tech Tips To Improve Your Myrtle Beach Golf Trip

Technology can help improve your next Myrtle Beach golf trip.
Technology has improved our lives in countless ways, and if you are savvy, it will make a Myrtle Beach golf trip little more enjoyable as well. Whether you’ve got the iPhone 4 , an old-school Blackberry or rely on a personal computer, we have five tech tips that can make your next Myrtle Beach golf trip a more efficient one.

1. Download a List of Golf Courses –
There is no need for a smart phone for our most basic piece of advice. Before leaving for your trip, go to the courses section  on the Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday website and have a list of area courses emailed to you. The list comes as a PDF and includes a phone number, physical address and web address for each course. Print it out and bring it with you.

2. Bring All Relevant Phone Numbers – Whether you have the DroidX or the cellular equivalent of a rotary phone, enter the number of your package provider, any courses you will be playing, and the people you will be traveling with in your address book. It seems simplistic, but if you are running behind, want to book a replay in advance or just need some advice, it could be a lifesaver.

3. View Your Trip On A Map – This is especially vital for newcomers. The Myrtle Beach area is a 60-mile stretch of Carolinas coastline, so take the time to map out your trip and have an idea how long it will take to get to each course. The MBGH website has an easy to use map  that provides turn-by-turn directions to and from every golf course in the area.

4. Access mobile –
Even if you follow the above advice, you may find yourself looking for another Myrtle Beach golf course, in which case you can access Golf Holiday’s mobile site. It’s easy to use and every golf course phone number is easily available.

5. Use Your Phone as a GPS –
If you like to use a GPS and don’t have the money for a new Bushnell, you can download the GolfLogix  app for your phone. The GolfLogix app is as good as any for a mobile device and beyond requiring a special battery to keep your phone charged, it’s infinitely cheaper ($39.95) and just effective as the traditional models.
Do you have any tips to add to the list?

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