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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

SubSeventy's Outfit of the Month, and New Funky Clothing


Funky Golf apparel

Our huge range of designer golf apparel not only provides a range of options for the actual golfer but also for the person who wishes to buy a gift for that special golfer in their life. We have golf apparel to suit every conceivable taste and budget and as a result you can rest assured that whatever you buy will almost definitely be gratefully received by the recipient. We spend a great deal of time sourcing and designing the most contemporary golf clothes available and we suggest you do the same whilst browsing our site. Finding the right golfing attire is something that should not be rushed so please take your time to take a look at all the stylish golf clothes we stock before making your final choice. Although it is possible to buy golf apparel from more generic suppliers the prospective consumer is often somewhat limited in terms of choice, this is something you will not be faced with when you shop with SubSeventy, if you can find a more comprehensive range of golf apparel anywhere we would be very surprised. We have nearly 1000 options for our bespoke golf pants and have many stock golf pants as well ranging from our stylish plain golf pants right through to the ultra funky tartan golf pants.

A Contemporary Look

Although golf is generally regarded as a timeless game where little has changed, one area has slowly but surely been evolving over the past few years and that is stylish golf apparel for the more discerning player. Contrary to popular belief good quality golf apparel needn’t break the bank, by arriving at SubSeventy you have found a supplier who can provide functional and stylish clothes at some of the most competitive prices you will find anywhere, regardless of whether you check the high street or online. The supply of junior golf apparel is another area of our business where we have experienced an unprecedented amount of enquiries in the past few months and as a result have several new lines planned for the forthcoming year. If you have any questions whatsoever regarding any of the golf clothes detailed on our website and do not see the required information detailed please feel free to contact us and provide a brief outline as to your requirements. Since our inception in 2004 SubSeventy have provided a wide range of customers with something a little bit out of the ordinary for the golfing enthusiast who wants to be noticed in more ways than one with our bold and eye catching golf apparel, our funky pants have been leading the way for the rest of our extensive range. Although we can’t guarantee to help you get a hole in one on the course, we can help you avoid a double Bogey in terms of your apparel, call today.

Men’s Golf apparel

Although golf is generally a sport associated with men, more and more women are also taking up the game with ladies from Asia currently leading the way. Although we do not stock golf apparel for ladies at the present time it is something we are seriously considering for the future, please be sure to keep on visiting our site for the latest updates. Although clothes for golf are still somewhat bound by tradition and club rules this is slowly but surely changing and more and more lines of trendy golf apparel are being accepted as the norm, this revolution can be attributed to, at least in some way to the age of golfers. Previously the domain of the middle aged or older gentleman the number of youngsters taking up the sport is increasing year on year, and if any further evidence is needed one only needs to look at the current crop of world beaters including Rory Mcelroy, Justin Rose and Owen Wilson. Our stylish and trendy golf apparel is intended to meet this younger age groups needs and finally break away from the world of tweed plus fours and old fashioned caps. Aside from our commitment to quality contemporary golf apparel we are also embracing the new technology available in order to cater to the shopping needs of a new generation of online shoppers. The steps we are taking now in regard to our website should make it easier for people to find our junior golf clothes products via the leading Internet search engines within a much faster timescale.

Golfing apparel

Although we specialise in funky golf apparel our collection could in no way be labelled as outlandish or far out, we like to think of our range as a refreshing alternative to the other usual fare on offer and as a result change the public perception of golf as a whole. Wherever people are, whatever they are doing, they like to look good and the golf course is no exception. Our range of apparel is intended and is proving to paint the golf courses around the world with a splash of color and more than liberal sprinkling of individual style. As previously mentioned the once ultra strict dress code that governed the style and colors of accepted men’s golf clothes are gradually being phased out by a younger and young at heart breed of golfing enthusiast. As a result of this more contemporary attitude our company was born and seen our business go from strength to strength despite the uncertain worldwide economy. From time to time we advertise special offers and seasonal discounts, please be sure to keep revisiting our site for the latest news and deals. A sizable majority of our new customers are attained as a direct result of word of mouth recommendations and in order to maintain this level of interest your feedback and suggestions are essential, please contact us via e-mail or telephone at anytime and we will ascertain the feasibility of any new ideas.

Golf Clothes

Another advantage of sourcing your golf apparel from SubSeventy is the specialist advice available if a customer should require it. As previously mentioned, it is possible to source designer golf clothes from more generic suppliers but they do not have the necessary expertise to provide an answer to your queries, we are different. We specialize in trendy golf clothes and as a result you can be assured that the information you receive will be relevant and most of all based on the outline you provide us with. If you are not sure which product from our apparel for golf range is most suitable for you or your intended recipient please don’t hesitate to ask us for some recommendations, we are happy to help. Aside from our extensive range of men’s golf apparel we also pride ourselves on the level of customer service we offer and this will become evident upon your first contact with us. Your enquiry will be greeted with a genuine enthusiasm that is sadly lacking in many businesses today and will illustrate to you why we are generally regarded as the leaders in our particular sector. To conclude, if you have been searching for something really special for the golf course you have certainly arrived at the right place, quality apparel, competitive prices and an unrivalled level of customer service, could any golfer really ask for much more.

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